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Why You Don’t Need To See The Big Picture.

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Now days, it seems everyone speaks about seeing the big picture, thinking outside the box, etc. While, it is important to make plans in business and for your personal life. Let’s dig into real thoughts, about why you don’t need to see the big picture.

When I think about the big picture for our personal lives, with it comes anxiety and frustration. Questions come to mind, such as, what does my future hold? How can I ensure, I will have enough money to take care of myself and family now and after retirement?

Here Is Why You Don’t Need To See The Big Picture

So we try to plan our financial strategies, that we think will answer some of those responsibilities. Our 401K, Retirement Funds, and Annuities are in place, which is great. Then the stock market takes a shift and causes loss to those financial plans. We can panic, have worries and not know what to do.

I am not a financial wizard, and don’t have the answers to what works and what doesn’t. But, I do have at least two financial plans in place. As most know, these plans usually evolve around the stock market for the most part. We all know the risks involved with financial planning. We must have a plan of some kind, however, in which to have something tucked away for safe keeping.

The big picture looks pretty good from time to time. You think to yourself, my plan is working out pretty good right now. Then, all of a sudden, things happen in our world that effects the whole economy. The stock market takes a tumble for days on end. What do you do?

What Do You Do?

I know what I do. I don’t like what is happening, but I know and believe God has a plan for me. It is to prosper and not harm me. He has plans to give me hope and a future. This in accordance to His word in Jeremiah 29:11 of the Holy Bible. You may be thinking right about now, sure, there’s one of those Bible talkers. That’s okay. Because I know for a fact, God has been there for me, in the bad and the good times. His word promises to keep me so I don’t have to worry or fret. He will make a way, where there seems to be no way.

Woman with arms upward praising God. Why You Don't Need To See The Big Picture.

The saying, “you have to see the big picture”, does nothing for me. It only causes me to feel I have to look way out to the future (which is the unknown). Then, try to figure out what it looks like and what I can do to make it a good future. But, because of God’s word, I am at rest with it. I don’t have to see into the future and even concern myself about what that might look like. The reason you don’t need to see the big picture is because just like me. He has your future in the palm of His hand. He is in control of all things He created, and He created it all, including you and me.

Realize You Don’t Have To See

When you realize you don’t have to see the big picture, it brings you peace and not fear or anxiety. I use to worry about the next day or next week and so on, about what it would bring. Now, I have finally realized that God has the best plans for me. I can rest in Him. No need for me to concern myself with the details anymore. I am learning more everyday, that I can trust Him at His word.

As you, receive this knowledge, my hope is it will bring inspiration to you to trust God. Lean not unto your own understanding, He has the whole world in His hands. Remember the childhood song, you may have sung in Sunday School. It’s true!

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