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When God Gives A Miracle!

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How do you know when God gives you a miracle. When God gives a miracle there will be no doubt, you will absolutely know it! So what exactly do we call a miracle? To me, it is when God is on the scene, right at the exact moment you need Him. He performs miracles in an instant and some times it is in time. But He is always on time.

When God Gives A Miracle?

Some people need proof that a miracle has taken place. My answer to that is “You had to be there!”

As a Christian, I believe in God and His power to do the miraculous. But what about those who say they do not believe in God? Nor anything that suggest, He can and does give miracles to us. Stay tune, as I have proof!

Sometimes when we are in an emotional situation, we call out to God. “God help me!” Maybe you have said these same words at some time, when you were desperate for a miracle to happen. Some people will call out to God, even when they claim to not believe in God. Trust me, there will come a time, (even if you think you don’t believe in God) in which, you will call on Him for help in a situation, you find you have no control over.

Recently, within the last two years, I have had two situations that had me calling out to God for a miracle. He delivered just in the right moment. I am going to let you in on what I and my family experienced.

September 2, 2018

My Dad, (who was 89 years old at the time) had taught his Sunday School class (called the “Miracle Class”). He and the family had gone into the worship service and in closing, the pastor was administering the Holy Communion elements . My Dad was sitting in his pew and was partaking of the cup, when all of a sudden, he fell over to the side against my mom’s side. She was alarmed and when she checked on him, he was non-responsive. My sister and her husband, realized something bad had happened and reached over to him. He had died.

God Knew What He Was Doing

God had people in the right place at the right time. Our church had purchased two medical equipment bags and two AED’s just two weeks prior. There were EMT’s and Nurses in our congregation, who readily saw what had happened and ran to my Dad. His heart had stopped completely, as there was no pulse, whatsoever. The medical team started CPR and made use of the AED equipment.

They were able to get him back, but he was unstable and had to be rushed to the local hospital. He struggled to where the medical staff felt they had to place him in an induced coma to be able to get his vitals and administer what medications they thought he needed.

What Happened? When God Gives A Miracle

He stayed in the coma in the ICU for 3 days, but on the fourth day he woke up on his own. The first words out of his mouth was, “What Happened?” God, that’s what happened? Doctors did not meet with us the whole time he was in the ICU unit. We didn’t have anyone give us his prognosis because they just didn’t think he would make it, and took a wait and see what happens attitude.

The news of him dying in church and alive and well, was all over the hospital. They knew that it was a miracle he survived and that he knew everyone. He had no brain damage or complications. He didn’t even miss a Sunday Service, as he was back teaching his Sunday School class (The Miracle Class) and was able to speak in worship service about his experience the following Sunday.

While he was in the coma, he had a vision and shared that vision with the congregation. It was amazing! He is now 90 years old and he continues to live a vibrant life. God is not finished with him yet!

When A Miracle Happens! Picture of Minister who died at church and lived.

What’s Next? March 15, 2020

When my husband (of nearly 14 years), was having headaches and neck pain off and on, for about a week to two weeks, I suggested he may have a severe sinus infection. Due to the fact, I had suffered with like symptoms and was diagnosed with a sinus infection, I thought, he may have a sinus infection, as well.


He of course, would not go to the doctors office (like most men). On Saturday, March 15th he woke up around 8 am or so and was pacing the floor in pain. He suddenly, rushed into the bedroom, and said, “My head and neck are killing me, I need to go to the hospital”. Immediately, I arose and gathered myself together, and quickly drove him to the local hospital. Once we were in the ER, he was in such pain, begging for something for the pain. The ER doctor ordered some pain medications, placed in his IV. Then ordered a CT scan to see if there was a reason for his pain in those areas.

Waiting for Results of CT Scan

As my husband came back from the CT scan, he laid back in the bed and started making snorting sounds and jerked a bit then fell silent. I tried to wake him up thinking the pain medicine knocked him out. But, he would not wake up. A couple of nurses were in the room at the time. I asked them if the pain medicine, would have made him fall asleep that hard. They realized something bad had happened and called the doctor in and they had me go out. I realized something really bad had happened, and it was out of my control, it was terrifying. They took me to a room away from him and it was devastating to say the least. What I thought was a sinus infection was now a way bigger situation. He had a heart attack at 61 years old.

Pleading With God

He is a firefighter and a strong man normally. But, there I was completely desperate for God to bring him back to me. I prayed and I begged God, please save him and give him back to me. When the doctor came to me and told me he had a heart attack and died, but they gave him CPR and a round of shock and were able to revive him. I was so thankful but still terrified. He had to flown by way of a medical helicopter, to the heart institute hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina for care.

My wonderful sister and her husband came and took me to the hospital, as I was in no shape to be driving. He had to have a stent put in place, but by the time we got there, he was coming into the room. He looked so much better. But the report came that he has two more blockages that will need to be addressed perhaps at a later time.

God Was There

But again, God was there at the right time and the right place. Allowing me, to have him at the hospital just in time. If he had died in front of me at home, an ambulance would not have been able to get to him in time. I would have been unable to pick him up and put him in the car to take him either. So I know it was a miracle that all this worked out for His glory and it was a true Miracle. Not Luck!

I Myself Am A Miracle

When I was 30 years old, I was desperate to have a baby. As the saying goes, my clock was ticking. I wanted a child so badly. One day, after checking in at the doctors office, signs and test proved, I was pregnant. Also, I was actually 3 months along already. So yay! I only have 6 more months and I will have my baby.

Then, I had another doctors visit, in which he told me, I was probably going to lose the baby, but to go home and stay in bed for a couple of days over the weekend and come back Monday morning.

Return Visit To Doctors Office

When I returned to his office on Monday morning, he had blood drawn for test and told me again my blood test suggested I would miscarry. Being new to this, I said what do I do? He answered, “Don’t worry, if it happens, it happens. Being devastated, heartbroken and terrified all at once, I was in shock. He told me not to tell people I was pregnant. So, then I am thinking, “Great, I’ve already told everybody I know, I was 3 months pregnant”. Next, he said,” Just go about your business and come to the hospital on Sunday afternoon. I’ll be on call and we’ll take a look and take more tests. So I did, I taught a children’s Sunday School class and then went to worship afterwards.

Things Seemed Fine … Until

Of course, I was believing God was going to take care of me and the baby would be fine. Because I do trust God with my life. So, here I am in church worship service and it is prayer time. There was a lady in our church who said, she felt they should pray for me at that moment. She asked that I stand for prayer and I did.

As soon as I sat down, I felt this sharp pain in my left side and then another really bad pain after that. I told my husband (at that time), that we needed to go. Immediately, we started to leave, but I could not get up or out of the seat.

Loss of Blood and Strength

I didn’t have any strength in my legs at all. So he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me up and motioned to my brother in law to help him, and somehow he got me out the door. But, he couldn’t get me to the car in the parking lot, because it was far away.

My brother in law picked me up in his arms and carried me to the car and put me in. Suddenly, my Mom was in the back seat and I was slumping down in the seat in the front, but she held me up somehow. After arriving at the hospital, (which is just around from the church), I went into the trauma unit of the ER Department.

Dying and I Knew it

I had internal bleeding and my blood pressure had dropped to 50/0 and I was dying and I knew it. Not able to see anyone, but I could hear people talking and working to prepare me for the OR. I could hear my Mom, who spoke of a scripture, something about I saw thee in your blood and I said live. Life is in the blood.

What Was Happening?

What was happening? My baby had been growing in my fallopian tube (instead of the uterus, where it should have been). As he/she grew, it caused my fallopian tube to expand until it ruptured from top to bottom and I was bleeding internally. I heard the head nurse, say this should not be happening. She said the doctor should have taken care of this, before it rupturing and putting my life in danger. She also said, that if this had happened at home, where I lived around 20 miles away, I would not have made it; not even with an ambulance trip. Like I said, I don’t know who she was, because I could not see anyone.

I Survived Because God Gives A Miracle

Once I realized I had survived, without a doubt I knew that it was a miracle. God caused me to be at the right place, and the right time, or I would not be here today to share my story.

So are there reasons to believe that God gives miracles? I, for one, have absolutely every reason to believe without doubt whatsoever. I hope through these real life situations, you will know that God does perform miracles in our lives now, not just in biblical times. He has a plan for us all.

Hope you find these miracles encouraging for your life.


Kathie is the Jesus loving, makeup-wearing, fashionista behind the Life & Beauty After 60 blog. She has been a CEO/owner of a staffing company and a beauty consultant for a prominent retail cosmetic brand. She lives in North Carolina with her Firefighter/Inspector husband. Kathie wants to inspire you to live your healthiest, happiest and most confident life after 60!

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  • Joy Fox

    Kathy, this is a wonderful testimony of the awesome grace and mercies of our Lord and Saviour. Thank you Jesus that you are still showing us miracles today! We love you. Lord.
    Thank you Kathy for sharing and reminding us that miracles do still happen today.

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