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Spring/Summer Looks 2022

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Let’s take a look at some new fashion ideas! I love to see styles that are classic, chic and affordable. Spring/Summer Looks 2022 with my friend, Darlene of DBeauty. Spring and Summer is my favorite time of the year, and I love not having to wear a coat!

Are you someone who likes bold colors? Or are you someone who prefersĀ  Black and White combinations? Either way, it’s Spring/Summer Looks 2022, and both options are key this year!

I hope you enjoyed these videos about the latest fashion. I think these styles are super nice for Spring/Summer 2022. Perhaps, you found something that you can mimic, that is suitable to your unique style.

I follow Darlene on her you tube channel, because I find her to be very down to earth and stylish. She has videos on various topics, such as beauty products she enjoys and some she doesn’t find worthy, as well as fashion. Again, I appreciate her honesty. Even though this one video shows 2020 Fashion over 50 it really is awesome for 2022 as well.

Breast Cancer Survivor

Darlene, is also a breast cancer survivor. Darlene speaks about how she chooses styles that doesn’t amplify any imperfections, due to her surgery. She is upfront when telling her journey, concerning her breast cancer surgeries. She speaks about how the procedure caused her to have infection, plus three more surgeries, due to the infection and so forth. But, I love her attitude about what she has experienced and how she moves forward with such an upbeat mentality.

More of Darlene’s Videos

To see her video about her breast cancer, 1 year update, go to this link:

She is an inspiration with her funny self from time to time, but she always keeps it real. Which I love her for. I think you will find her personality, sweet and very likable, as well.

If you would like to see more of her videos and be a part of her youtube family, go to this link:

Kathie is the Jesus loving, makeup-wearing, fashionista behind the Life & Beauty After 60 blog. She has been a CEO/owner of a staffing company and a beauty consultant for a prominent retail cosmetic brand. She lives in North Carolina with her Firefighter/Inspector husband. Kathie wants to inspire you to live your healthiest, happiest and most confident life after 60!

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