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Paperbag Pants In Fashion For 2021!

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Just recently, I purchased 2 pair of what is called, “Paperbag Pants”. These Paperbag Pants are in fashion now for 2021! I have to tell you, I totally love them. They are so comfortable and stylish. There are various styles of them too. So, I want to share the different styles and what body shapes they are best for and how to wear them in a way that is very flattering. This 2021 fashion of paperbag pants can be worn casual, chic or as a night life look.

Different Styles For Your Body Shape

If you are short, you would want to go with the cropped version of the paperbag pant. This would give a more streamlined look. If you are average to tall, you can choose the skinny paperbag pant, or the wide legged version.

lady in cropped version of paperbag pants

Cropped Pant on Left

lady in skinny style paperbag pant

Skinny Pant on Right

Best Tops To Style With Paperbag Pants

Because the waistband on the Paperbag pant are gathered, you will look your best, if you choose a fitted blouse, fitted tee shirt, tank, or camisole. These tops should also be tucked inside the pant waist band. Choosing these type tops are best, because they will not add fullness at the waist area. The pants have a relaxed fit, front pockets and a belt that gives a cinched waistline effect.

Accessories You Can Bring To The Look

Choose a statement piece being either earrings or a necklace, but not both together. If you choose a statement necklace, then you should choose smaller or a lighter look earring set. Of course, if you choose statement earrings, you would need to choose a smaller sized necklace or a combination of smaller necklaces, as is the trend currently. There is also the option of a small neck scarf, called the “Skinny Scarf”, which is a current trend as well.

Skinny Scarves

Shoes To Complete The Look

If you choose the cropped paperbag pant version and you are short, the best choice would be a wedge, such as espadrilles or a pair of pumps. If you are average to tall and you choose the skinny or wide legged version, your choices are endless. You can choose heels, flats or espadrilles.

Jackets and Cardigans

When putting a style together with the Paperbag pants and considering either a jacket or a cardigan, consider this. Since the waistband is gathered, you truly do not want to add fullness at the waist. So you should choose a jacket that is cropped (above waistline) or a long cardigan for a slenderizing effect.

Now, go find your special look! The paperbag style can be found in pants and shorts in many beautiful colors, as well as fabrics. I purchased a navy blue and a bronze brown, and I love them. Find the ones that will work for you!

Be blessed and stay healthy!


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