Looking Forward To Having Our Normal Again

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I am looking forward to having our normal again. Hearing about the Coronavirus for a full year and then some now, has been exhausting. I don’t want to be insensitive to those who have lost loved ones to the Coronavirus, it is tragic. I sincerely send my condolences to those who have suffered and recovered and for those who have lost loved ones to this tragic virus. Life as we know it, has been suppressed. It has been very different for each of us. With many of us staying home, I am sure some have found themselves feeling anxious. So, we look for something to occupy our time, unless of course we are running after children, trying to keep them busy and the added pressure of staying on track with home schooling lessons. So times, are truly more intense.

Anxiety – Looking Forward To Our Normal Again?

I know it seems frightening and it can be. Especially, if we focus on the news media, that seem to ignite everything that happens in our society. But, knowing that God knows all things and is our provider, I trust Him to take care of His people. He knew before we did, that this was going to happen and He has a plan. So I rest in Him, and you can too! There are many scriptures in the bible that tell us to not be anxious for anything, because God has everything in control. Below are two scriptures that direct us to not be anxious or fearful:

What Are You Doing With This Time?

“What are you doing with your time?” Spending time with your family? Making crafts, playing games, completing puzzles? Or preparing special treats, making homemade meals or ordering deliveries. Probably, all of these some way or another. One good thing, while we’re looking to have our normal again; it allows us to slow down and connect with those within our household. So much of the time we are all doing our own thing and we don’t connect with those sitting right in front of us. So maybe, we have realized that “Life Is Too Short”, to take each other for granted. Everyday counts! My family and probably yours too, call it “Making Memories”. Because, at the end of the day, that’s really all you have, is a feeling of accomplishment(s) and memories.

Joy Comes In The Morning!

This is not only a saying, but a song title as well. As my Nana (my Dad’s mother), would say, “This too shall pass.” It’s true, change comes whether we like it or not. It’s upsetting when change occurs sometimes, unless it’s a good change. “If it’s not broken, why fix it”or “Don’t rock the boat” is our attitude. But, as I have grown older, I see that God makes changes in our lives. He doesn’t change His word, but He does change circumstances and plans for our lives, that we don’t see coming. There have been and will continue to be times, when God writes new chapters into my life and yours as well. Even though, I may not know what it’s about, I know now, that I have to trust Him, as He knows the best way. Some of my circumstances/situations, I have shared on my website:

Changes Cause New Normals To Arrive

Speaking of change, I changed my living location a while back. Born and raised (as a southern girl would say) in Tampa, Florida. I now live in North Carolina (for 30 years or so now). I miss Florida’s beaches and weather so much. The Fall and Winter here can be brutal on me. Another change is with Florida, as a tropical location, when it rains it comes and then it’s gone in a few minutes. Here in North Carolina, when it rains, it can rain for days at a time and it makes me miserable. I need sunshine and lots of it. Therefore, Spring and Summer are my favorite time of the year here. But, we do need rain to sustain our water supply and for beautiful lawns, trees and flowers, we enjoy so much.

If you have a moment, let me know what you are doing, and what activities you intend to get back to, while waiting to have your normal back.

I want to encourage each one of us to hang in there! Enjoy the Spring and let God’s sunshine, keep you in perfect peace!


Kathie is the Jesus loving, makeup-wearing, fashionista behind the Life & Beauty After 60 blog. She has been a CEO/owner of a staffing company and a beauty consultant for a prominent retail cosmetic brand. She lives in North Carolina with her Firefighter/Inspector husband. Kathie wants to inspire you to live your healthiest, happiest and most confident life after 60!

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