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How To Avoid Crepey Skin

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Crepey Skin is not necessarily due to the aging-process. There are many reasons the skin begins to look like crepe paper, thus the name “Crepey Skin”. How to avoid crepey skin? Let’s read on!

Before we talk about how to avoid crepey skin, let’s explore what causes crepey skin.

What Causes Crepey Skin?

  • Basically, long periods of unprotected sun exposure, whether directly from the sun or tanning bed usage, tend to be one main cause. UVA/UVB ray exposure causes the breakdown of the elasticity fibers in our skin.
  • However, dehydration of our skin is another factor. Many times, we don’t drink enough fluids to maintain hydration of our bodies or skin. Due to dehydration, the skin becomes dry and wrinkled. We tend to drink liquids that contain caffeine, which is known to dehydrate.
  • Aging plays a small role in crepey skin, in that as we age, our skin no longer produces barrier oils, that keep our skin smooth and protected to some degree. Furthermore, our skin’s ability to shed dry dead skin cells begin to slow and build up on the skin, which cause dry patchy places on the skin.

Ways To Improve Skin Surface?

Stay in the shade and/or wear a sunscreen product with the (SPF) sun protection factor of 15 or above.

Before using any moisturizer or serum, it’s important to exfoliate your skin prior to their use. There are many exfoliating scrubs for the face and body. But, be sure to watch the ingredients on these. You do not want a product that has claims of crushed apricot seeds, pecan shells, peach seed , or any harsh type ingredient. These will scratch your skin and you will not see it, but scratches leave you skin open for infection. So be sure to use a gentle scrub product with sensible granulates such as grape seed, grapefruit seed, or coffee grains, as these are softer granulates.

Another great way of exfoliating, is called dry brushing. There are many types of these brushes on the market. You simply, take the brush and brush all over your body, before stepping into the shower or bath. This is my favorite method for exfoliating my dry skin. After your shower you will definitely feel the difference. Also, this is good for stimulating your circulation.

Lady with dry brush against leg skin

Keep your skin well hydrated with a good moisturizer, preferably with ingredients like, salicylic acid, lactic acid or glycolic acid, if at all possible. The newest and best ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which plumps and hydrates, as well as holds moisture within the skin.

Lady moisturizing her arms

Using retinol products help restore skin’s elasticity as well as thicken collagen and elastin. Some retinols are more concentrated than others. My favorite retinol product is Estee Lauders’ Night Repair Serum.

Adding emollients and using hydroxy acid cleansers to our skincare routine is important, if we want to keep the dreaded crepey skin at bay.

Disclaimer: If you have any medical condition, consult with your physician before trying any of these ideas. I am not a licensed authority of any discipline and do not make these suggestions, as being a medical advisor.

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