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Getting To Know My Beauty

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This episode is the third one in a series of post about my Dad’s Life Journey. At this stage, he is just getting to know who he refers to as “My Beauty”, my Mother, Margie Lee Currie.

“My Beauty”

We wrote to each other for about a year, before we were able to see each other. Writing at the time, was the only way I was able to get to know “My Beauty”.

As I was reaching the end of my tour in the Navy, I purchased a 1947 Pontiac Sedan.

The ship was stationed at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, when the day came, I was granted a three day leave. I took off for Kannapolis, NC to see and get to know my “Beauty”. We met and it was true love! I couldn’t stay long, but we enjoyed what time we had.

Shortly, after being discharge, I went home to my Mother’s house in Tampa, Florida. I obtained a job in the local major grocery store. I made $35 a week, (a week being 6 days a week).

Making Plans to Be Married

On a Saturday night, I told my Mother, I was going to travel to Kannapolis, NC to get Margie (My Beauty). Then once we were back home in Tampa, Florida, I was going to marry her.

After I had worked twelve hours that day, I sent a telegram to Margie, letting her know to “Pack her clothes, I was coming to get her”.

Picture of actual Western Union Telegraph
Actual Western Union Telegraph

I never thought, that she might not want to come. After driving eleven hours (No interstate then), I made it. I slept two hours, at her house. Then, Margie, her Mother and I took off for the return trip to Florida.

Mind you, I had no savings, no other income, but the grocery store, not even my own apartment. All I could offer her was my love and my Mother’s small house. It just shows you how crazy young kids can be!

Picture of Bride to be
Engagement Photo

Going To The Chapel

I had never attended a wedding before, so I had no idea what a couple should wear. When I looked for apparel for the occasion, a salesman (in Tampa, Florida), sold me a “wool” grey suit, with brown and white shoes. I bought Margie a nice navy suit, and I don’t remember what color shoes.

The Wedding Announcement

The Pastor informed the congregation there was going to be a surprise wedding that Sunday, but we didn’t know it. We thought we were having a small private wedding. Well, it was a surprise to us, when we arrived at the church and saw so many cars there. The man that sang, “I love you truly”, must have sung 14 verses of that song. It seemed like forever. I could feel beads of sweat running down my legs, beneath that “wool” suit. Finally, we said “I do”, and the Pastor said to me, “you may greet your bride”, so I shook her hand. He said, “No, I mean kiss her.” I thought, why didn’t you say that! We kissed a long kiss and ran out of the church.

Wedding Announcement

Traveling To My Grandmother’s House

Picture of Married Couple and Maid of Honor and Best Man

Along with my sister and the best man, we drove to my Grandmother’s (on my Mother’s side) house, in Leesburg, Florida, because I wanted to show her my “prize”. We did not know, my Mother had planned a reception at her house. The reception went on without us. My Mother told us about it that night.

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