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    What Is The #1 Secret To A Happy Relationship?

    I have always heard that communication was the most important thing in a relationship. However, recently I discovered there is another component to communication and that is “Empathy”. So now I feel, that actually the #1 secret to a happy relationship is empathy. Without empathy in communication, your communication is just a conversation. Don’t confuse “Sympathy with Empathy”. Sympathy is “feeling sorry for someone”. Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. In other words, seeing the world through your loved ones eyes. Empathy means caring about your loved ones’ well-being as you care about your own. It can truly make a difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy…

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    My husband had been having severe headaches with pain that felt like pressure throughout his head and down both sides of his neck. While he suffered for a week or two before becoming unbearable, he had to do something. While driving him to the hospital; he felt he was having chest pain and couldn’t breathe. He said he thought he was having a heart attack. I had read somewhere, if you thought you were having a heart attack, “to cough as hard as you could”. So he did several times. My husband had a heart attack! Once we arrived at the hospital, he went into the ER and told them…