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    When Your Parents Are Pastors

    What is your life going to be like when your parents become pastors, you ask? I have read many articles of some pastor’s kids feeling somehow disturbed in their journey, as being the pastor’s kid. My life as a pastor’s kid was so different from what I have read, as I searched google on this subject. I want to tell my story, as a “Pastor’s Kid”. My parents are currently retired from the position of pastor, as far as being senior pastors of a church, they still pastor. To be clear, pastors whether they are behind the pulpit or not, their ministry never stops. Start of my journey as a…

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    When God Gives A Miracle!

    How do you know when God gives you a miracle. When God gives a miracle there will be no doubt, you will absolutely know it! So what exactly do we call a miracle? To me, it is when God is on the scene, right at the exact moment you need Him. He performs miracles in an instant and some times it is in time. But He is always on time. When God Gives A Miracle? Some people need proof that a miracle has taken place. My answer to that is “You had to be there!” As a Christian, I believe in God and His power to do the miraculous. But…

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    My husband had been having severe headaches with pain that felt like pressure throughout his head and down both sides of his neck. While he suffered for a week or two before becoming unbearable, he had to do something. While driving him to the hospital; he felt he was having chest pain and couldn’t breathe. He said he thought he was having a heart attack. I had read somewhere, if you thought you were having a heart attack, “to cough as hard as you could”. So he did several times. My husband had a heart attack! Once we arrived at the hospital, he went into the ER and told them…