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“Beauty from Ashes”


Hi, My name is Kathie Branton

Starting this blog is totally new for me. Here I want to share a little about the author  (myself) of this website. I am simply someone who would like to share many of my life experiences, in hopes that I will help others during their own life experience(s) they may be going through. I am an not an authority on any thing as far as giving advise. I am not a licensed professional of any discipline.

I like to laugh at myself for the many roads I have traveled during my journey in life. My childhood to my adulthood has had it’s ups and downs as have most people I know. We are all challenged from day to day. But I am going to put this out right here. I am a Christian and I know that God has answered many of my prayers, not always as I would have liked the answer to be, but He did answer. If you are not a believer and don’t have an interest in hearing about how God has always been a part of my life from childhood until now, please feel free to not follow my blog. However, if you feel intrigued to hear about a person that has experienced life with God by her side, stay tuned.

I am not a super christian, and by that I mean, not a perfect christian. But I do strive everyday to allow God to show me new meaning and His love in all circumstances surrounding me. I believe He has done that and continues to do that for me. However, I am not looking for an outlet to preach. So, with that said, I look forward to expressing my life’s journey thus far. I will be sharing some beauty favorites, fashion finds, as well as the keto eating lifestyle that I have used for weight loss and to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, I once had.

Plus many other topics, as we continue this journey called life.

Sincerely and with deepest respect,


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