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5 Ways To Ease Worry And Fear

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What are some ways to ease worry and fear? We all suffer from anxiety, worry and fear concerning our unknown future, on occasion. But due to the current uncertain time, we are seeing, we may feel overcome by worry and fear, if we aren’t careful. However, I want to share 5 ways to ease worry and fear in your life.

As you read further, I will give various worrisome scenarios with some ways to ease worry and fear, you may be experiencing.

Worried About Receiving Bad News?

Have you worried about receiving bad news? Such as losing your job, your home, your loved one, or your financial standing?

We imagine all the worst case scenarios, when we don’t know what will actually happen.

If we focus on fear of everything about our lives.; we will not be able to see the future, without having feelings of uncertainty and stress everyday.

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Various Scenarios

Fear Of Failure

We imagine that we can’t measure up to another’s ability or capabilities. Whenever, we compare ourselves to other’s lives and think we will never be able to live up to their expectations of us. The fear of not being able to please or have the approval of those we love.

When New Situations Come Up, Such As:

  • Having to take on a new job
  • A change in housing accommodations, or location.
  • Basically, anything new that brings big change in your life, can be frightening, worrisome or overwhelming.

Some anxiety is normal, however when worry and fear stops us from moving forward with our lives, it can bring stress that is unhealthy for us. Some stress helps motivate and then other stress actors such as fear and worry type stress, is unnecessary and harmful to our health.

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Here Are 5 Ways To Ease Worry And Fear

  1. Create an outlet for yourself. It could be taking a walk and breathing fresh air. It could be going fishing (for some), shopping (for others) or just a change of scenery.
  2. Allow yourself to think about how whatever situation you are facing, could be a positive thing. Such as, a new job, could be the best job you’ve ever had. A new place to live, could be a place where you find really good neighbors/friends. A divorce, could mean a new beginning, not an end to your happiness, as you have/have not known.
  3. When you have worry or fear about measuring up or being approved by others. Think about how you have succeeded in a particular thing that you previously had worries about, but it worked out better than you thought possible. Also realize you are you and that is perfectly fine. You will do you the best! You are an original and your ways and thoughts will be different from others, and it’s a good thing.
  4. When feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself, “What is the best outcome? What is the worst outcome? What is realistic? With this strategy, you can allow yourself to develop “cognitive flexibility”, or the ability to consider various scenarios. This will allow you to think, that whatever happens, you do have the ability to handle it.
  5. Lastly, (although, I think should be first), I suggest to ask God to calm your thoughts and to bring peace and comfort to your mind. Ask Him to bring direction for your situation and decision making ability, so you can rest in your process of change(s).

With All The Changes Happening In Our World

Our closest changes to us, are the ones we face of our own lifestyle. Changes are basically, looked upon as bad, because for the most part, people (me, included) don’t like change.

But lately, I have seen in my own life, that change can be good and a blessing. So embrace your change and see what positive outcome can be obtained through the process. You may find, that change can bring blessings, as well.

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